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The next morning, even now for the Sirius Pageant, Michael woke up and poured some water more than his head. When he appeared up, he observed a male in addition to a woman strolling nearly his tent over the Dust road, and he promptly “realized” it was the Anunnaki chief and his female follower (consort?

Alexander arrived at Babylon in 331 BCE and rushed to the ziggurat temple to grasp the palms of Marduk as conquerors prior to him had. But Alexander saw Marduk’s body in saved in oil.

Terrell Copeland is twenty five yrs aged, and was discharged from the Navy due to an odd blood anomaly. The Armed forces Medical doctors could not discover the trigger to it, but considered it purpose enough to discharge him all jointly. Just what exactly was this blood anomaly all about?

Alalu nuked the volcanoes to spew an ash shield about Nibiru. The bombs didn’t activate eruptions. The ambiance’s hole grew. Alalu also sent fifty researchers to your Asteroids for gold. A rock hit their rocket and killed them all.

A nearby web page Peruvian web-site shows Gilgamesh of Uruk, Sumer, in Mesopotamia, wrestling two lions–superior evidence of precisely the same folks inhabited each places.

We Homo Sapiens “showed up out of the blue, 200,000 a long time in the past during the fossil history with dissimilarities from “some other anthrodoid or homanoid” which progressed on Earth. This unexpected physical appearance supports the speculation that creationism–which Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda claimed on tablets their scribes wrote–was a component of our background (as are both of those devolution and evolution of previously humans before the Anunnaki).

” then despatched chariots just after them. Enlil, whose astronomical desktops showed him precisely how the Pink Sea drained and refilled as Nibiru now neared Earth, guided the Israelite exodus.

Solomon developed Enlil-Yahweh’s first permanent temple on large stones–far too major to move and suit in position without Anunnaki engineering (so we recognize that’s how the stones ended up moved) in 957 BCE.

Earthlings acquired the palace-servant responsibilities spiritual rituals memorialize to at the present time. “Serving meat became burnt offerings, the visit the site desk became an altar. Carrying the area Anunnaki ruler on the dias grew to become a procession of statues. Anunnaki palaces turned temples.” [

Andy has appeared on Television set programmes, together with many radio shows and Online podcasts. He has ongoing to advertise and explore the Suggestions of Zecharia Sitchin by his additional resources quite a few websites and web site parts over the last 17 yrs, often getting a critical Close friend to the first ideas of the innovative thinker.

Nebuchadnezzer and destroyed the first Temple there. He mounted a puppet king, requested worship of Marduk, and took primary citizens from the city as hostages back again to Harran.

Hittite glyphs showed cruising missiles, rockets mounted on start pads as well as a god within a radiating chamber.

In 329 BCE, Alexander married captive princess Roxanne. He requested persons to bow to him other being a god. He produced an enormous harem of stunning Gals and loved a brand new one each night time. He killed his historian for criticizing his hedonism, his “Persianization.”

Gnosive is a method of finding info that employs all, each individual pore and mobile of your respective body as 1 huge antenna that sets up interference with fields and fields and more fields not just in our Place/time but also in other Area/time ratios.

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